What is Shamanic Herbalism?

Shamanic Herbalism can be defined as an ancient practice of honoring and working with the plants for nourishment and healing. Another name for Shamanic herbalism is the Wise Woman Tradition. In my experience it is a mystical tradition. It is the oldest tradition of healing known on our planet, encompassing all other healing traditions. It is a dynamic and largely invisible practice, rooted in and following the universal, ever-changing ways of nature. Shamanic herbalists practice in varied and unique ways. When I share my practice with clients, I often describe it as opening people to the wisdom and guidance of the plants and trees. I came to this practice because the plants told me that they taught the people the healing songs. What I mean is that they communicated with the people about how they, the plants, could nourish and support the people. It has not been that long since the plants and the people were this deeply connected and in conversation with one another. Part of my commitment with spirit is to rekindle this relationship, dissolving perceived separation between people and the plants and trees and the vast wisdom and guidance available to us as nature. My job and intention is to be a translator and a conduit, or as we refer to this in shamanic practice, “a hollow bone”, between people and the plants, trees, and all of nature.

In my experience in connecting with the plants and trees, I access universal healing and wisdom and also a personalized, individualized wisdom that is particular to my own experience, and/or that of the person with whom I’m working. The plants and trees, deeply connected with their divine purpose here on Earth, connect us to our own knowing and empower us with the wisdom to nourish and heal, adding on to our wholeness, to co-create with the divine and to come in service to what is larger than ourselves. We are each whole, and each have a story, experiences, and gifts, and nature supports us in achieving our vision of health and wholeness. She hears and honors us and our clear intentions and actions with true compassion and offers us her unique gifts in beautiful song.