Work With Me

Ways to Work With the Plants and Trees through Me

Woven into all of the work below is sharing about how we may nourish ourselves in connection with the plants and trees. This will include song, ritual, breathing practices and questions for you to ask of the plants and trees and other guides and helpers. This may also include sharing about preparing and drinking nourishing herbal infusions, mindful harvesting practices, and how to prepare herbal vinegars, tinctures, honeys, and oxymels. Sessions may also include divination, empowerment work such as passing power, soul song retrieval, power animal retrieval, shamanic healing work including extraction and soul retrieval, and/or prosperity and abundance work and practices. I focus on connecting with the plants and trees and other guides to hear what they offer specifically for us, our intention, and what is at hand. My belief is that we each are called to cultivate relationship with the plants and that working with the plants and trees that are healers for us is something that we discover in communication with them, however I do sometimes share of ways and properties of the plants commonly known to heal us and support us related to challenges (i.e. Echinacea is known to boost immune function).

Individual Work
We will schedule a time to work together. These sessions are normally 1 – 1.5 hours long, and can be conducted virtually or in person at my home in Washington DC. I will ask you for your intention a few days in advance of our session. Some sample intentions are “I want to heal my ovarian cyst”, “I want to be more organized in my life”, “I want to release anxiety and feel more ease”, or “I want to know my purpose in life”.

When we meet for our session, we will meet virtually or if we meet in person, we will go outside for part or all of the session. Sessions are rituals. We sing and cultivate mindful, present listening and sharing through a talking stick practice. I will share with you how to breathe with the plants and seek and listen to their guidance through asking questions related to your intention of the session. We will give gratitude. We may do prosperity, visioning, and/or goal-setting work. Our work may involve me and the plants and trees listening to you and offering divination support for the questions you have. Among these and other tools in my toolbox are shamanic journeying, power animal retrieval, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, and mystical teachings and practices.
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Cost: $125/session


Relating With the Plants and Trees Workshop
Join me for this workshop at my home in NW Washington DC to connect with the plants and trees. We’ll drink nourishing herbal infusion and open the gathering with a song and sharing practice. I will talk a bit about my practice of Shamanic Herbalism and Shamanism. We’ll go outside, and I’ll share a practice for breathing, connecting, and asking the Silver Maple tree here by my home for wisdom. We will do that practice together, and then I’ll welcome relating of experiences from the group. I may also share how you may meet your plant or tree ally, we may make an herbal preparation, and/or we may do an additional shamanic practice for further connecting with our intuition.
Duration: 2.5 hours Cost: $35pp

For additional information and/or scheduling, please contact Heather at