In my experience, the plants and trees are teachers and wisdom keepers, sharing wisdom, guidance, and healing with the whole planet, including us. They are here on our planet in service to the whole. When we care for the whole, each individual is also cared for. They are expansively connected with the Earth, as well as being specifically connected with us. In my experience, they are living from a place of possibility and creativity, responding to changes and challenges through greater growth and expansion. They reach out to connect with us and with other beings in our changing world, in response to growing gaps in connection, to create bridges of communication so that we may continue to grow and heal, in service of life on our planet. They live in prosperity, trust, and natural abundance, teaching us all how to live from this place. Through our breath and our whole being, we are connected with them. Because they know us so well and are also expansively connected with all of life, they are powerful life coaches for us human beings. Through breathing with them, asking them questions, listening, and giving gratitude, we may connect with them and receive from them. I am a translator between you and the plants and trees, facilitating connection through simple practices with them, so that you may receive their healing, wisdom, and guidance. I am a healer and hollow bone, here to help you formulate the questions to ask of the plants and trees, as directed by your intention.

An example of a simple breathing practice for connecting with the plants and trees is to go to a tree to whom you feel drawn. Place your hand on the tree. Breathe 7 breaths naturally with the tree, experiencing yourself exchanging breath with the tree. You may feel into your heart and notice sensations in your body. Ask a question of the tree. Powerful questions to ask are:
“Who Am I?” – This is a powerful question to ask for receiving wisdom and guidance regarding who we are most expansively, as connected with all of life, and most preciously and uniquely, regarding the specific gifts bestowed upon us and how we are to share those with the world.
“What Have You For Me?” – This is a powerful question to ask to receive healing and wisdom and guidance regarding challenges we are experiencing in life, or to receive gifts from the plants and trees.

My shamanic name, given to me by the plants and trees, is Song From the Trees. Called by the plants and trees, I formally began studying and practicing shamanic herbalism (also known as the wise woman tradition) shamanism and prosperity in September of 2012. I recently completed the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Shamanic Healing Online Training Program. May I be a hollow bone and conduit, in service to the web of life. If you like, you can view an interview I had with EagleSong Gardener at https://vimeo.com/652145054/aac4cb3121.

Please email me at heather.engman@gmail.com to find out more about any of the offerings on this website.