“Heather is my esteemed colleague and trusted friend. Her intuitive abilities are exceptional, and her healing power is magnificent. One of the most powerful healing experiences I’ve ever had was delivered to me by Heather. I highly recommend her, and her services.” ~ Robbie Priestley, Shamanic Practitioner (Fire Circle Shamanic Services)

“Heather has a genuine gift and a profound sensitivity to the plant realm. Her work brought me a step further to explore my relationship with plant guidance and receive fully the messages that transpired from our session together. The breathing practice with The Oregon grape and the Cedar tree transported me into a world of unity and connected my heart with the deep wisdom from mother nature. I am in awe and grateful for receiving the magic in these teachings. Here is a song dedicated to my dad that was inspired by my meditation with the Cedar tree:
Thank you Heather!”
~Ines Andrade-Maricle, Vibrational Healer

“Being guided by Heather through the contemplation of a tree’s healing powers was like a vacation from every day tasks and a reverence to the natural world that we are a part of, gratitude!”
~Serge Gubelman (Manna Presence)

“Heather is in beautiful connection with the spirits of the trees and nature.  She warmly and caringly offers out a bridge of connection, to assist in sensing the wisdom and power that nature has to share – for our healing and for our bliss.”

“I knew I was in the right place when I sat down at Heather’s kitchen table for a cup of her intuitively guided tea.  I immediately felt grounded and spacious, open to what was about to transpire.  She guided me outside to a sweet forested park.  There was a tall and benevolent red oak tree.  I felt and communed with the tree’s essence and deep resounding song.  I was startled out of my reverie by the trickster of crow’s cackling.   Heather’s delightful presence is refreshing in today’s overly busy world.  She holds space for transformation and I have learned much about myself from her sacred intuitive plant readings.”

Regarding the girls’ circle, from participants and parents:

“It was a cool experience. The reading and discussion of the stories was my favorite part.”
~Chiara F.

“Talking to the plants was fun!”
~Gianna F.

“I am extremely grateful that my girls have been able to participate in this circle. I know it has helped them during this formative transitional time in their development. Heather is the best kind of teacher and guide–she is a beautiful, gentle soul with a lot of depth to share, as well as profound respect for all living things. You know that she really *sees* each of the girls. Each time I pick my daughters up after circle, they exude a sense of calm, spaciousness and contentment. To me, that is the most profound testimonial of all to what they are learning and experiencing in the circles.”
~Una Drake