May We Fill the Limitless With Love

My mom transitioned at the end of June. As my brother and I were clearing out her apartment, there were a few things that he didn’t want to part with and that are sentimental to us both. He asked me to keep them in my home for now, as he doesn’t have space right now. I felt some resistance to having more “things” in my living space, however I agreed. I brought a love seat, a wooden screen, and two ceramic elephants (who I used to “feed” spaghetti to when I was a child) home with me, putting the love seat and screen in my bedroom. I vowed to vacuum them, as they seemed dusty and I was irritated about having the things. The following weekend, frustrated and grieving, a voice in me screaming “I don’t want the things, I want my mom”, I got out the vacuum and headed for the love seat. It has floral print fabric. As I began to vacuum that loveseat, I was enveloped in the scent of flowers, permeating me and the entire room. I felt my mom’s presence. I sat on the floor and sobbed. The experience was magical and mystifying. I miss my mom and the companionship we shared so much. My whole being is changing as she transitions. I am so fully aware of how much she loved me and how powerful love is, far more expansive than any obstacles to love. May we fill the limitless with love. May this be the song and dance of gratitude, abundance and trust that we create with the Earth and beyond.

2 thoughts on “May We Fill the Limitless With Love

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your family. Thank you for sharing this deep and sacred space. Your recalling of the story brought me to tears. Mothers are cherished.


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