A Hop, Skip, and a Jump

The Willow Oak, 12/29/20

Today I breathed with the Willow Oak, asking her “What have you for me?”. She responded to me “Be the creator’s vision of myself”. I experienced that the meaning was that and also more expansive – “Be the creator’s vision of ourselves”. I experienced how of course we are individuals in the eyes of the creative, part of a species in the eyes of the creative, part of a larger Earth community in the eyes of the creative, and so on and so forth. The creative power we have as human beings collectively and in cooperation and collaboration within our Earth community with all beings is incredible, only limited by our ability to imagine what is possible. In my experience, the trees, plants, water, Earth, birds, animals, mountains, and other beings are incredibly imaginative and creative and teach us of possibility. I felt inspired as I gave gratitude to the Willow Oak and began a walk. I’ve been thinking a lot about exercise and being active and fit recently, noticing how I would like to have more movement in my days, and how I’ve struggled with that since working from home and being at home more related to COVID. As I walk, I often dance a bit, and found myself doing the box step today with the lines in the sidewalk. As I continued, I began to skip. I noticed how I love to skip, and I let myself skip, even as thoughts came in about how I may be perceived. I am a much better “skipper” than I am a runner….lol! This beautiful, small, brave act of creativity brings me so much joy today. I am so grateful.

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