The Breath of the Planet

IMG_7788The Willow Oak, my tree guide, is getting her leaves. She is a beautiful, compassionate teacher for me. It is my experience and belief that all of life, all beings and elements are ready to be in conversation and community with us human beings when we are ready. I feel that we are deeply called at this time to restore our connection to the natural world through asking and listening to her wisdom. I believe that the solutions that we are seeking in our world today will come from us deeply listening to nature and returning to community in harmony with nature.

I’ve been breathing with the Willow Oak recently to ask how I may be in service to the whole. My usual practice is to breathe 21 breaths, exchanging breath with her, and then place the question that I want to ask, and then listen and receive. I experience something different the last few days. I experienced tuning into my lungs, tuning into my breath and feeling the intimacy of my breath in exchange with the breath of the Willow Oak. We intimately know one another through our breath. There is intimate connection between my lungs and my breath and the Willow Oak and her lungs and her breath. I experience this with her and learn about her. As the time comes naturally, I ask her “How may I be in service to the whole”? Yesterday I received from her that we are to connect with one another and all of life through deeply heart-felt compassion and connection and that this connection is ever-present when we are open to it, and does not require any physical touch. I encourage you to do this practice with a tree to whom you feel called.
One perspective is that the trees are the lungs of our planet. I feel it is remarkable the experiences we are having right now in our world related to fire and coronavirus, and other experiences as well related to our breath and breathing and the planets breath and breathing. When we connect with the trees, I feel that we naturally come in service to the whole, we naturally come into community. We naturally embrace the way of the spiral and the hologram – when we encounter challenge and pain on the spiral path of life, and nourish every cell, every seed, every aspect, every emotion as part of our wholeness and what writes the whole, we come to acceptance and response, and compassionate solution comes to the forefront. I pray that at this crucial time in our world that I and all of us human beings will listen and be in service to the whole.

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