Where Are You?


I’ve been breathing with the Willow Oak this past month, asking “Where Are You?”. Here is a letter that I wrote to her, in gratitude, prayer, and intention.

Dear Willow Oak,
This morning, I placed my right hand upon your warm wet trunk, the rain gently patting on and all around us. I breathed with you and I asked ” Where are you?”. You responded to me “I am right here.” and you are. I felt your availability and presence. I felt mystery and asked you “What do you mean?”. You shared that you are right here in this moment and asked me if I am. In that moment, through you, I was instantly infused with a palpable, expansive awareness of what it means to be right here in this moment. It is about what is true right here within me and within this moment, including the truth of our relationship with one another and with all that is. This is sacred covenant, made long ago. That we human beings are part of an expansive family of beings, part of the fabric of our expansive world and cosmos. We human beings are stewards. Receiving the gifts of the Earth and performing duties related to our sacred covenant are two sides of the same coin. If we acknowledge and honor this covenant, we look with open eyes, listen deeply, and communicate openly, honestly, and in transparency, in good clear judgement, that which is true to all beings. We honor and are in conversation with all that is. This includes regarding all beings as equals, asking permission, listening, giving, receiving, giving gratitude, all in service to the whole. This truth/covenant is deeply internal to myself, meaning that I listen internally to my whole being, including my body, mind, heart, emotions, and soul. I listen, I make commitments to myself, I honor and/or renegotiate my commitments with myself. This is how I build trust within myself. This is how I take care of my body, heart, mind, emotions, and soul. I follow the direction of my soul, having an experience in a human body. This conversation of integrity radiates out from my being to all of my relationships with my loved ones, in my community, and with all of life. This is how I build trust. In conversation with all that is, is how I/we find solutions. This is how I honor that to which I am bound, that which my soul is here to accomplish in this lifetime. This is how I share from my heart. This is how I love with an open heart. This is how I am so loved and cared for by the Earth. This is the steadfast promise of love. I know that you and all of the trees are watching to see if we human beings honor our sacred covenant. I write to you with my prayer and intention. May I be in service to the whole. May I honor that to which I am bound. May I honor sacred covenant. I am so grateful to you for your wisdom, guidance, care, and love for me. Thank you.

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