The Path of Possibility With the Ancestors

Samhain greetings and blessings everyone, a bit early! I experience the energy of the ancestors very potently this year, and am eager to share. I was breathing with the Willow Oak this morning, just outside the door to the building of my apartment home, asking “What is possible?”. I received from her that there is deep connection between the ancestors and possibility, and that it is possible to see possibility with our whole being, like we have eyes all over our body, or like we are an eye, seeing possibility in all its vastness. This connects with what I received from the Willow Oak a couple of weeks ago when breathing and asking. I experienced connection with the ancestors, including my human, animal, tree, and plant ancestors, and received the message that the ancestors are here to help us with the “thirteenth step”. We may ask them for help with the “thirteenth step” and they will help us to come up with creative solution. In the tradition of herbalism that I practice, the Wise Woman tradition, the “thirteenth step” is described as relating to the natural law of the spiral, the cycle of life as it moves through time. This cycle is movement around and beyond a circle. In walking this spiral, we come to the unique thirteenth step, the unknown, the challenge, “the problem”, the opportunity for change and transformation. The spiral is the path of each of our individual lives, the patterns of nature, the rotation of the Earth, and the passage between worlds. I experience how our ancestors are available to us in helping us to perceive possibility and creative solution for individual, planetary, and universal transformation.IMG_5577

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