I am full of questions and mind chatter this afternoon. Some of the questions I perceive as bigger picture questions. How do I/we restore and experience our connection to Mother Earth, and care for her as young, humble human beings, as she is our teacher and source of all life and nourishment? How do I/we solve climate change? Some are more personal, individual questions. I have a lot of thoughts about the mystery of my practice with the plants and trees, and how it fits in with other mystical traditions. Am I to share more expansively about this connection I experience and this practice? How? In a life so full and wonderful, what is it in me that so deeply longs for more meaningful connections with other human beings? How am I to transition more easily between time with other human beings and time with the plants and trees or alone? With all of these questions swirling, I notice how grateful I am for my practice with the plants and trees, that I may breathe with them and place questions, and receive wisdom and guidance. I feel how I am not alone, how I am so supported and loved. How I am so in awe of the expansiveness of the plants and trees, the wisdom they share, and the change I have experienced through connection with them. Breathing with the plants and trees and asking/placing questions is core to my practice. I go outside with the Willow Oak tree that is my new tree ally. I breathe 21 breaths with her, offering my breath to her, and receiving the breath that she gives. The question I place today, with all of these questions in my head and being is “What have you for me?”. My mind quiets. My breath stills. I feel calm and serene. As I ask, I receive from the Willow Oak that I am a living question. I am a living mystery, she tells me, just as the source of all life. I am a prayer. Through my prayer, I am blessed, and I communicate and connect with something much larger than myself. Through asking, prayer and intention, I may create right relationship with others, with all beings, including the plants and animals that provide me with nourishment and the food that I eat. Our prayer blesses and infuses water with positive intention, and this is powerful as there is so much water in the food we eat, in our bodies, and in our world. I hear the Willow Oak, encourage me to write, to share with others of this experience. I share photos of her here, pictured on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago.

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