Since my daughter began at her new school, I’ve been walking with her to and from school each day. I love this, walking, talking with her during two legs of the walk, and on the two legs that I’m walking alone, more focused on greeting the plants and trees, human beings, dogs, squirrels, and other beings I meet along the way. I feel deeply blessed in this, taking in how the trees bless me and all of us in numerous ways as we walk under their branches. A couple of days ago as Johanna and I were walking home, we came to a part of the walk on a neighborhood sidewalk that goes slightly uphill and is lined on one side by trees. I believe the trees are mostly cherry trees, however there are some others as well. As we began to go uphill, I began waving my arms. I noticed Johanna looking at me. I realized and explained to her, laughing a little, that I had felt compelled to wave my arms on this part of the walk when I had been walking alone each day. As we looked up, the trees were waving to us with their branches, with a gentle swinging movement. How incredibly beautiful! We both began to giggle, filled with delight. IMG_5381

One thought on “Waving

  1. It makes me giggle just reading about it!
    Sometimes when I’m running I, too, feel compelled to reach out to the trees. There will be a dangling branch along my path and a gentle passing touch somehow feels just right … I hope for both of us.

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