The Grass of my Dreams

Yesterday, as my daughter and I walked home from her school, we came to grassy areas along the sidewalk where there were blue styrofoam peanuts scattered all over. We both felt that we wanted to pick them up, however didn’t have a bag or anything in which to put them. We passed by, rather than stopping. We expressed our wish that more responsible alternatives to styrofoam be used. We questioned “Why not biodegradable packing peanuts?”.

This morning, as I woke, I dreamt of the grass. The beautiful grass that says to me “Walk on me and feel the Earth under your feet! Enjoy! I am here to support and love you.” The grass called to me and reminded me of the styrofoam peanuts. I put a plastic bag in my pocket as I left home this morning. After bringing my daughter to school, I went to the area where the styrofoam peanuts were still strewn all about. It was raining and raining. I began my task to pick up the peanuts. As I picked up the peanuts, I was sung to by the grass, Dandelion, and Plantain.

The grass, Dandelion, and Plantain support me again in my calling to share with others about the plants and trees and the beauty, wisdom, guidance, healing and nourishment they have to offer us. I was soaked and washed by the rain and nourished, reminded, and fed by the plants. Each of us are called as stewards to these beautiful beings and to bountiful Mother Earth. May we connect with, know, and feel this. May it be for the greatest and highest good for all.

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