I’m beginning a blog. Through my writing, I want to share about the gifts I’ve received from the trees, plants, animals, Earth, and all my teachers. I want to share about how these gifts are leading me to love and nourish myself, becoming more whole, and feel more and more connected to Mother Earth and the great and gorgeous Universe. All of us, each one, are so beautiful and powerful, and have the wisdom within ourselves to increase our wholeness and connection. We can create whatever we truly are meant to create. Through my stories and sharing, work in sacred livelihood, and living, I am meant to unveil the mystery surrounding the place within our human soul that connects to the Universe. My intent is to connect people with the wisdom of the plants and trees, allowing healing, soul-calling and sacred livelihood to be revealed.

I have been on a journey, and it continues. I have so much to learn. For so long, I have been loved and called by the trees. For so long I did not hear and I would not listen. Even when I heard, I would brush it off and would never say that I am called by the trees. I would say how I like or love trees or talk about that there is something about the trees that brought me here to the Pacific Northwest. Now I say to you “I am called by the trees.” “They love me and I love them.” The trees and plants have so much wisdom and beauty to share with us. They bring me to myself, showing me more and more of who I am. They teach me how to be for the greatest and highest good of all. Through their wisdom I hear my intuition and feel connected with the infinite wisdom and beauty of the Universe.

These stories I share are of the beautiful gifts I have been given by the plants and trees. Songs from the trees, from me to you, so that you may know your own beauty and power and seek love, support, and strength in cultivating relationship with the plants, trees, and all beings. And so it is. Blessed be. Ho.

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